The person

Hi, I am Silvie. Forget about my last name if you are not Dutch: it’s impossible to pronounce. Nice to know: it means starling-mountain.

Experience and services

As the founder of LIBRT (Lab for Intelligent Business Rules Technology), I create the vision and roadmap to improve operational excellence. We focus on using decision support systems. We work for large and complex organizations.

I know how big corporations operate because I have been consulted by almost every vertical industry. My roots are AI, therefore I have a deep understanding of the opportunities AI technology offers. Because I founded (and sold) RuleArts, I have C-level experience in marketing, international sales and software development.

My experience makes me a good mentor for startups, strategy developer for scaleups and coach for founders.  At the same time I am available as AI consultant for  CTOs, advisor on governance structure for CEOs and designer of compliance framework for COOs. I am looking forward working with you.


Silvie Spreeuwenberg is an experienced entrepreneur. She combines the ability to be a holistic thinker while, at the same time, she has detailed knowledge about artificial intelligence, compliance and software development.  Therefore, she is a good strategy advisor for founders, scale-ups and start-ups.  Her inspiration is rooted in a strong need to create sustainable partnerships based on trust. She has an urge to share knowledge by being extremely transparent. These are the themes in her work.


Upcoming industries for AI and Decision Support Systems

Transport, logistics and supply chain management have my special interest. Now that we have more and more information about travel conditions, storage levels, demand, location of objects (IoT) and different ways to offer demand (3D printing), this world will change, benefit from new technology and have a lot of potential. Another sector that interests me …

Explainable AI

I have been fighting for years for transparent decisions. Now that the AI hype is at its peak, I have the feeling that I can start all over again. So start reading about my vision on XAI, short for Explanaible AI on  Linkedin as a preview of the upcoming book or follow the website


I’m passionate about strategy development, bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways and inspiring the people who make that possible. If you are looking for a high energy, knowledgeable speaker, coach or facilitator who leaves your audience inspired with actionable next steps, contact me.

I have experience serving audiences from college students, looking for a role model, to operational managers, needing practical guidelines, and C-level executives, exploring ideas for their next step. We always start with a conversation to personalize everything for your needs!

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