Upcoming industries for AI and Decision Support Systems

Transport, logistics and supply chain management have my special interest. Now that we have more and more information about travel conditions, storage levels, demand, location of objects (IoT) and different ways to offer demand (3D printing), this world will change, benefit from new technology and have a lot of potential.

Another sector that interests me is healthcare. It is heartbreaking if the demand for healthcare cannot be met. There is so much potential for change in this world. The scepticism about technological change was high and justified. But now there is an obligation to optimise the entire chain around a patient.

Explainable AI

I have been fighting for years for transparent decisions. Now that the AI hype is at its peak, I have the feeling that I can start all over again. So start reading about my vision on XAI, short for Explanaible AI onĀ  Linkedin as a preview of the upcoming book or follow the website www.xaix.info.