Designer of improved operational excellence strategy using decision support systems for large and complex organizations.

Founder of Lab for Intelligent Business Rules Technology (LIBRT), offering consulting services, and founding partner of RuleArts, offering software for terminology and controlled natural languages.

Trainer to share knowledge and vision on Explainable AI, Business rules, Decision modelling, traffic management and strategy development.

Auditor to provide a second opinion or assessment on ICT projects, IT architecture, software make or buy decisions.

Author of 100+ articles, columns, posts, conference papers and 1 book.

Mentor for accelerator programs like Startupboothcamp in Amsterdam and Startup Village from the University of Amsterdam.

Advisory board member for RuleArts, Vivienna (food retailer with circular business model) and Ubique (disrupting supply chains using 3D printing)

Speaker for conferences like Building Business Capabilities, Decision Camp, RuleML, Controlled Natural Language workhop, Isis Papyrus customer days.

Chair of the association for business rules professionals in the Netherlands, organization 5 events per year since 2005.